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"You may not see it, but your home is already filled with beauty, style and hidden treasures."

“Together let’s create a space for you and your family that solves practical problems, reflects your personality and evokes a sense of sanctuary.”

"I have enjoyed being a Set Designer and Home Stylist in the photo/film industry for 25 years. My projects have taken me to studios all across the country to design with the latest furniture, textiles, and accessories  just as they hit the market."

"My visual and spatial skills have allowed me to create beautiful and effective interiors under extreme deadlines and tight budgets."

"You’ll see my work here and in various ad campaigns, photos, catalogs and video. Now through Space Lift Interiors, I bring these skills to YOUR SPACE!"  

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Amy Bott





Educated in the Fine Arts

    Cooper School of Art

Home Stylist and Set Designer

    Ad Agencies & Photo/Film Studios

        NJ, NY, IN, TX, NM

Yoga Instructor, CYT 240

        Aura Wellness



Creating outside-the-box interior solutions while incorporating personal touches to deeply resonate and create sanctuary for each homeowner.

Teaching yoga and relaxation to people who think yoga is only for ‘bendy folks’.

*Interior Arrangement & Design Association

**Interior Redesign Industry Specialists

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“I’ve seen what great work you’ve done on-set…I wanted to make my bedroom a personal living space…I love how perfect it came out!…I am still amazed and grateful every time I enter the room!”  JH

“(After the Space Lift) The room took on a whole new personality - a direct reflection of myself!”GH

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