Space Lift Interiors

Frequently Asked Questions

Space Lift Interiors      Amy Bott     IADA,IRIS

"I created these packages to help you solve very real spatial/design problems while inspiring new ideas and solutions. Using high level design skills we can incorporate unique color, texture, pattern and purpose into your space.”

What if I just need help getting started?

Space Lift Interiors offers flexible Interior ReDesign Coaching Packages

starting as low as $150!


           Paint Color Consultation      Receive professional size samples to go along with "good, better, best" options for 1 room.

            2Hr package**     Great for the DIY homeowner. Expect to review color schemes, discuss space planning ideas, furniture placement guidance, lighting advice, etc... for 1 room.

            4Hr. package**    Offers more extensive guidance on 1-2 rooms. We will discuss layout, color schemes and textures, furniture selection, guidance for new purchases, finishes, fabric ideas and project strategies.

**(Have a notepad handy to jot down your favorite ideas.)**

Which Hands-on ReDesign Deal do I choose?

Ready to go? An initial Preview Consultation** is where the Space Lift Makeover process begins! The Preview only takes about an hour. We’ll talk about how you and your family use the room and start brainstorming about the hopes you have for the space.

Choose from these Hands-On Deals:    Space Lift OneDay ReDesign

                                                                Accessory ReFresh

                                                                Furniture Edit

                                                                Move-In Makeover

**Get $50 OFF your Hands-On Deal w/a scheduled Preview or previous Coaching session**

What is a Space Lift One Day ReDesign?

This Hands-On package does the work for you!

By physically re-working your existing furniture and accessories the SpaceLift team makes the best of what you already own - ALL IN ONE DAY!

Bought new? This deal will beautifully incorporate any new purchases to blend seamlessly with existing pieces.

Here’s How It Works:

The morning of your scheduled One Day ReDesign, my assistant and I will arrive. We will review the goals discussed at our initial preview appointment or coaching session.Then you leave to begin your day. Perhaps treat yourself to a long massage or head to the office. When you return, just hours later, you will be amazed at the transformation! You will experience a room that’s exciting and new. Light candles and call your friends because you'll be eager to entertain!

What is an Accessory ReFresh?

Already happy with where your furniture is placed but feel the room needs a boost?  Bookcases crammed and visually chaotic? Accessory Refresh is perfect for you!

This is a hands-on package where Art, Accessories, Tablescapes and Lighting all get reworked to bring new life to your already comfortable space.

What’s a Furniture Edit?

This is a popular deal for blending two families, downsizing couples or simply overcrowded rooms. Amy’s professional eye can help efficiently sort the best pieces to keep for function, style and balance. Some  pieces may find better use in another room or others may just need a new home. YOU make the final decision in a Space Lift Furniture Edit.

What’s a Move-In Makeover?

The movers just left. You are buried in furniture, lamps and accessories with no time to pull it all together. You knew how everything fit in your previous home, but not sure how it’s going to work here? Don’t worry! A Move-In Makeover will have you and your family settled in and ready to invite your new neighbors over for coffee and dessert!

What about Commercial Spaces?

Your customers visually experience your business entry often before they’ve even met you. Make sure it’s comfortable, fresh and functional!

Space Lift One Day ReDesigns can be a very affordable solution for waking up a tired and worn waiting room. Your entry or conference room doesn’t have to be plain vanilla boring. With virtually no disruption to your business day, we can perk up the spaces your clients know you by.